Philanthropy for Climate: Catalysing climate action through global philanthropic resources mobilisation

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This event will also be live-streamed and can be viewed here.

Philanthropy-led climate action, particularly in the Global South, is crucial to enabling climate mitigation and adaptation goals. Join IVPC’s COO, Allie Hollowell, at the Bankers for NetZero Pavilion on Thursday, November 10, at 1 pm EET for a discussion on philanthropy’s strategic role in climate action. Moderated by Alice de Moraes Amorim Vogas/WINGS, this panel will provide a broad overview of philanthropic climate action in different parts of the world and delve into the role of inter-sectoral partnerships as a key element to advance climate action in the philanthropic sector.

Speakers include:

  • Allie Hollowell from the International Venture Philanthropy Center (IPVC)
  • Hanna Hanses from Philea – Philanthropy Europe Association
  • Heather Buchanan from APPG on Fair Business Banking
  • Naila Farouky from Arab Foundations Forum (AFF)
  • Juan David Ferreira from Latimpacto
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