Bankers for Net Zero has welcomed the ‘Atlantic Declaration’ agreed by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden at the White House yesterday (Thursday 8 June).

The agreement includes support of the critical clean energy industry and net zero ambitions. The partnership is committed to deepening cooperation to develop and strengthen clean energy supply chains to meet economic, energy security, and climate goals.

Both countries showed their commitment to align their approaches to make clean energy technologies more affordable for all nations and help drive a “global, just, and secure” energy transition for workers and communities. The declaration states are that the 2020s will be the “decisive decade for climate action” to implementing the countries’ respective national and international net zero ambitious in line with the Paris Agreement.


Elena Pérez Celis, Head of Policy & Public Affairs at Bankers for Net Zero, said:

We’re pleased to see ‘Building the Clean Energy Economy of the Future’ as a key component of this agreement.

The mobilisation of net zero investment and sustainable finance is crucial in accelerating a strong economic transition, and the support of overseas partners is invaluable in this.

We look forward to watching this partnership progress.”