Joanna Lumley invites you to: Flight of the Vulture

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On 23rd May, Conservation without Borders and Bankers for Net Zero will host ‘Flight of the Vulture’.

The evening will explore the tensions between biodiversity and infrastructure development, and how they can work together. Specifically, the evening will focus on vultures, and why they are so important to the environment and your industry.

The ‘Flight of the Vulture’ project is a series of 10 expeditions around the world, to sites where vultures are in massive decline, and conservationists are going to extraordinary lengths to save them. While focusing on the plight of the vulture, this project will ultimately demonstrate the true cost of biodiversity collapse.

To explore these topics, we will be joined by Joanna Lumley, Ian Redmond OBE, as well as a range of experts from the conservation, energy infrastructure and supply chain fields to take part in a Q&A, panel session and and evening of networking.

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