A common language for sustainability – ensuring the whole market works together

In this panel discussion, filmed live at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, Naomi Kerbel from SEC Newgate moderated a discussion between David Marriage, Head of Disruption & Innovation for Sustainability, PwC and Rob Gardner, Director of Investment & Rewired.earth Board Member.

During the discussion David and Rob explored five key questions that need answering, if we’re going to accelerate our transition to net zero:

  • Why do we need to think differently about ESG solutions and partnerships?
  • How can we give everyone a voice to drive a clear demand signal across the market?
  • What does designing an interconnected market solution look like and where are we today?
  • Why is the bankers for net zero programme so important for providing the power of an open, common data and reporting approach
  • What practical next steps will you be looking to drive post COP27?